Privacy Statement

In any event, the Connaught Automotive Research Group (CAR) is committed to processing Personal Data in compliance with Data Protection Regulations including the recent European Global Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and to respecting the rights of Data Subjects. CAR policy is to collect Personal Data in a fair, lawful and transparent way, to use it for legitimate purposes only, to implement measures to protect its integrity, to retain it for no longer than necessary and to fully support the exercise of their rights by Data Subjects. We take privacy very seriously. In this privacy notice we explain what data we capture and record with our test cars. This notice is meant for pedestrians and other people outside our test vehicle, and along our test route on the NUI Galway campus.

We equip our test car, and test route with cameras to test products in real life environments. As our test cars drive on the roads, cameras collect photographs and videos in which your image may be captured. This may happen, for example, while you are walking through the NUI Galway campus or driving a car alongside our test car. Even though these cameras may capture you, please be assured that we are not interested in identifying you, as a specific individual and solely focus on our technologies.

We use the photographs and videos captured in support of our research, analysis or verification exercises. Specifically, we analyse these photographs and videos to understand the movement and behaviour of pedestrians or other drivers on the street, so as to develop and train detection sensors, as well as the artificial intelligence technology used in connection with our products and services. In all cases, the images we capture will never be correlated with other data that would allow us to identify you, nor used to make any decisions about you. We are not interested in identifying you, nor do we allow anyone else to identify you with our images. The images will only be used for statistical purposes in order to develop and enhance products and for scientific research aimed at improving artificial intelligence and all related technologies.

Your rights in relation to personal data

Where the collection of your personal data results from on-the-road recordings, our recording vehicles endeavour to notify data subjects of the fact that their images are being captured, which allows them to access the relevant privacy notices issued by the CAR Group and to further understand the purpose of such data collection and how it is processed.

As per the GDPR, you may also have the right to request access to your personal data

You can ask to access the following information:

  1. The purposes for which we process your personal data
  2. The categories of the personal data concerned
  3. The recipients, or categories of recipients, of the data, if any, in particular any third countriesor international organisations
  4. The length of time that the personal data will be stored for (or the criteria used to determine that period)
  5. Whether the personal data will be subject to automated processing, including profiling and, if so, the logic and potential consequences involved
  6. Where the data is transferred to a third country or international organisation, information about the safeguards that apply;and/or
  7. Information about the source of the data, if not obtained directly from you

Withdrawal of consent, you may withdraw consent where it was the basis for processing your personal data
Correction of your personal data, where personal data is inaccurate you have the right to request/claim that it be corrected and that incomplete personal data be completed based on information you may provide.
Erasure, also known as “the right to be forgotten” ,you have the right to require the CAR group to erase personal data without undue delay where one of the following applies:

  1. The personal data is no longer necessary for the purpose for which it was collected
  2. Consent is withdrawn and there is no other legal ground for processing
  3. You object to the processing of the personal data; or
  4. The personal data has been unlawfully processed

Processing restriction, you can exercise the right to ask us to restrict the processing of your personal data in one of the following circumstances:

  1. You contest the accuracy of the data; or
  2. You need the data for legal claims
  • Automated decision-making:we do not use automated decision-making and profiling tools, but in the event that this changes, you have the right to not be the subject of automated decision-making where the decision has a significant effect on you, and can insist on human interventio
  • Data portability:you have the right to request/claim that your personal data be providedto you in a "structured, commonly-used and machine-readable format" and to transfer that data to another party e.g. service provider. This applies to personal data for which processing is based on your consent and the processing is carried out by automated means. Where feasible, you can also request/claim that the personal data be transferred directly from our systems to those of another provider
  • The right to lodge a complaint with a data protection regulator:you may file a complaint with the data protection regulator in the jurisdiction in which you are based.